Posters, Covers, CDs

Not In Our Town

These designs were made while interning for Not In Our Town, a non-profit organization that supports positive community responses to hate crimes. The images were used on social media platforms, such as facebook, twitter, and pinterest, as well as in marketing material. After the internship, I have continued to work for Not In Our Town as a graphic designer of informational and marketing documents. All images are property of Not In Our Town.

July 4th

SCLEAF: schools, civic leaders, law enforcement, arts, and faith leaders

Innovative Design

These designs were made as part of Innovative Design, a UC Berkeley club that makes logos, flyers, brochures and other designs for on-campus organizations.

Berkeley Student Cooperative

These designs were made for housing cooperatives.

Other Designs

Rogue's gallery redwood mural


These illustrations are all hand-watercolored intaglio prints. They reference classic stories, paying homage to traditional illustration through their subject and medium while also challenging these narratives - through gender-swapping and urbanization, for example.

Daily Cal illustrations

Illustrations for the Daily Californian, UC Berkeley's newspaper.

My Castle: a story about bednets

I worked through UC Berkeley's Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship Program (URAP) with Professor David Levine, who enlisted the help of students to create games and stories to promote better public health in developing nations. I wrote and illustrated "My Castle", a story to get young kids excited about using bednets to prevent malaria.

Other Illustrations

Artist Statement

My work centers around the idea of “play,” both through its creation and content. I am attracted to art that engages the viewer physically and emotionally, and am also interested in my own playful interaction with different media – in gestural paintings, sculptural landscapes, and narrative drawings. I particularly consider the action of play through the immediacy, ephemerality, and chance of watercolor, a medium that I apply quickly and find is constantly running away from me, like a childhood memory or a dream after awakening.

Play is also, though, a venue for expressing repression and invoking nostalgia. In the play space, repressed sexual, gendered, socially hierarchical and otherwise taboo curiosities may be experimented with. The word “play” itself straddles both the innocent child world and sexual adult one. As such, it represents a lost naiveté, while simultaneously questioning the authenticity of that innocent child-state


I grew up in the Bay Area and have a passion for exploring and collaborating in art and in life. I work mostly in watercolor on paper. I also have experience making sets/props, murals, posters, newspaper/magazine illustration, and artwork/design for albums, websites, and marketing material.


2014 B.A. Art Practice and English, University of California, Berkeley


currently showing work at:

  • intaglio prints for sale at Panorama Framing, Oakland

past shows

  • 2014-2015 CDXX restaurant, San Francisco
  • 2014 UC Berkeley senior class exhibition
  • 2014 UC Berkeley print sale
  • 2014 group print show through UC Berkeley for Bridges SGC International Conference
  • 2014 Manos Nouveau restaurant, San Francisco
  • 2013 group show through Blue Vue Productions, San Francisco

event, theater, and set design work

  • 2015 prop designer/creator for Youth Theater Program of the San Fancisco Mime Troupe, San Francisco
  • 2015 set and prop designer/creator and personal assistant for Black Lotus Clothing fashion photo shoots, Oakland
  • 2014 set and prop designer/creator and production assistant for Goonies themed halloween event at the Haunted Mansion art house, Oakland
  • 2014 created set piece/prop for live performance of television series Absolutely Fabulous at Exit Theater, San Francisco
  • 2014 set and prop design and creation for Brecht Now! through Change Theater Collective, Berkeley

work featured in

  • 2014 Words of the Watershed literary journal, UC Berkeley
  • 2014 Imaginarium Issue #2, UC Berkeley

Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing or showing any of my artwork.

I am also always looking for new collaborators and projects! Feel free to contact me about custom artwork/design for your poster/album/book/website/mural or whatever else.